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au where hannibal makes air quotation marks with his hands every time he names a meat in one of his dishes

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Yeah….. I wanted a sassy booty dance Chilton…. just cuz…..


Why did I also add cat ears and a tail? Because I could dear children, because I could :P

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When you like Welcome to Night Vale but don’t know anyone else who does and you try to explain it to your friends….


I wanna see an episode where Will hosts a meal  in which he serves cheese tacos and the like so we can see Hannibal suffer without his beloved ‘cutlery’.

dreaminshadows asked: Thank you for the link:) That comparison is perfect xD Adverts don't bother me but I'd still like to have a manipulative psychiatrist^^ Noticed that I didn't follow you, fixed that:)


I love how Hannibal has been making cannibal jokes for 2 seasons and no one has noticed but as soon as Will starts making them Jack is like whoa there friend

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I love how amused Hannibal is at all of Wills Cannibal jokes.
New Will dont give a shit,hes sassy.

he’s just happy someone is sharing in his terrible cannibal related humour )uwu(